Get out of town!


If not, then you may need to start the application.  Over the last few years, Kayree Entertainment has provided the gateway for our social network to travel to some great destinations.  Cancun, Bahamas, Las Vegas, Dominican Republic, Cabo San Lucas are only a few of the fabulous group vacations that we’ve taken.  Each year at least one fun cruise and one terrific destination trips are highlighted.  Our attendees always have a blast and increase in attendance every year because of the fun, organized activities that are provided.  There is always something to do.  In addition, we also help orchestrate  a variety of themed travel within the U.S. such as ski trips, cabin trips and beach trips to name a few.  What we’ve learned over the years is, “The More.  The Merrier.”  You are sure to meet good people and have a fun experience!

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